Wednesday, Jul 12, 1:06pm

For Communications Director Audrey Barnes, a standing room only crowd at the City’s recent Volunteer Fair was a perfect opportunity to explain how to get connected to the City’s many different communications platforms so you never miss out on the news and special events happening in Laurel.

If you would like to get City of Laurel press releases, including emergency notifications and volunteer opportunities, you should sign up to be added to our email distribution list,” Ms. Barnes told the group.  “Everything we send out will go straight to the inbox on your PC or your smartphone.”  

The best way to get on the list is to send an email to [email protected] . You’ll receive a welcome email back to let you know you’ve been added.

Another key way to stay on top of all things Laurel is through our many social media accounts. Number one on the list is the City of Laurel-government Facebook page.

“The Department of Communications keeps the City’s Facebook page stuffed to the brim with information about our neighborhoods, businesses, and even State-wide things that affect us all, “Barnes says.

Many other City departments have Facebook pages too that you should LIKE and follow, including the Laurel Police Department, City of Laurel Department of Economic and Community Development, LaurelCityOem, and the City of Laurel Department of Parks and Recreation.  We’ve also recently added Facebook pages for the City of Laurel Juneteenth and Pride planning committees. Most of the posts that go on the Facebook pages will also appear on the associated Instagram page too.

There are some key sites you will definitely want to follow on Twitter, including @cityofLaurel,  @laurelcityoem, @laurelpio, @laurelparksrec, @laurelpd, and @LaurelECD.

The City’s public access television station, known as Laurel TV is also a great way to be entertained and informed.  Airing on Comcast channel 996 and 71 and Verizon channel 12, Laurel TV broadcasts all the government meetings and more than 70 individual stories about community news and events.  If you miss a broadcast, you can view it on the LaurelTVOfficial YouTube channel.     

“If you are not into social media and not a big tv watcher, we have communications tool that would be perfect for you,”  Ms. Barnes said.  “Our community events and media phone line number is 240-294-1307. We update it frequently with the latest news and event information.  You can also leave your upcoming events on the line for us to review and post when appropriate too.”

The bottom line--there are many ways to communicate with the City. Find one that works for you so you can enjoy all that Laurel has to offer.