Thursday, Sep 19, 2:12pm

Laurel TV’s crews have been out and about and captured these stories the last couple of weeks. Check them out at the links below: 

  • There is no one size fits all image for a victim.  Vulnerable communities include the impoverished, the LGBTQIA community, the disabled and more. The Maryland Lodging Association is partnering with BEST to train their employees on how to better identify human trafficking and how to report it. Laurel TV’s Myleah Lofland went to HopeWorks to learn more about human trafficking and the efforts to combat it:
  • Mayor Craig A. Moe is challenging residents to lead healthier lifestyles. Laurel TV reporter, Stephanie Johnson, shows you how some City Employees are meeting that challenge:
  • WSSC has issued another advisory for T. Howard Duckett Reservoir in Laurel. Laurel TV reporter Stephanie Johnson spoke with WSSC officials about the warning and what it means for your health:
  • For over a hundred years, Emancipation Day has happened right here in the Grove at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. It’s the longest running festival in the City of Laurel. Laurel TV’s Myleah Lofland went on scene to hear more about the history of the event, as well as the present day festivities:
  • September is National Preparedness Month and it reminds citizens to prepare for emergencies and disasters before they happen. City of Laurel’s Stephen Allen, the Emergency Manager, stresses the importance of being prepared. Laurel TV’s Myleah Lofland visited the Emergency Operations Center to get some tips on how residents can be more prepared:

Check out the Government meetings at this link:

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