Friday, Aug 2, 2:17pm

Laurel TV’s crews went out into the City and captured these stories this past week: 

  • When was the last time you got an eye exam? August is National Eye Exam month and the National Eye Institute reminds people to have comprehensive eye exams, know your family’s history, protect your eyes when out in the sun, and eat right to help keep your sight. Laurel TV’s Myleah Lofland went to First Sight Vision Care to learn more about the importance of getting an eye exam and how it can affect your quality of life:
  • Many people around the world use social media. It’s very popular because you can stay in touch and learn more about other people. However, here's a reminder that if you are looking for a job or enrolling in college, employers and college recruiters use Social Media as part of the review process, so you want to always make sure that you present yourself in a positive light! Laurel TV's Jean-Luque Zephir went out and spoke with people about how Social Media has affected their lives:
  • It’s National Black Business Month and we wanted to take a look at a new business in Laurel called Rise Up Nutrition. Working out and getting fit alone can be difficult. But if you’re looking for a place for people of all ages and fitness levels, it may be the place for you to shake up your routine. Laurel TV’s Myleah Lofland headed over and checked out their unique approach:

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